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  • Registration includes a fee of Rs. 500.00 per student which covers the costs of organizing the competition.
  • All students from class 5- 12 are invited to participate in PKSC.
  • We encourage participation of maximum students from public & private schools.
  • All schools and colleges in Pakistan are welcome to host PKSC by registering their students in the Competition.
  • The competition questions are selected by National Committee.
  • The competition has a form of a multiple choice test. (You may see Sample problems in the download section of this site).
  • At each level of participation the first prize is awarded at the National level to the students who earn the largest sum of points at their level. Likewise the first prize at District and Class levels are also awarded. In addition to above, other prizes are also awarded at each level of participation.
  • All participating students receive a certificate.
  • The prizes are funded with money from participation fee and by donations or sponsors etc.
  • Students compete in four categories.

Junior Level Class 5 & Class 6
Ovate Level Class 7 & Class 8
Elder Level Class 9 & Class 10 / O-Level
Fighter Level Class 11 & Class 12/A-Level